Paul Crouch

Sport was always a love of mine growing up. I loved competition whether it be on the rugby field, athletic stadium or simply having a kick around with friends.

As I reached my late teens i had plans to join the fire brigade, I liked the thought of helping people but also looked at that as a career which involved lots of physical activity and challenges. I was soon to realise this wasn’t an option as my eye sight test reviled I wasn’t up to starch and need vision correction. Not to worry as this made me turn to a career within my number 1 love...The fitness industry.
Following a year away travelling Australia i came back to home soil and began working at local gyms. I gained various qualifications within the industry and built up personal training clients while working towards management levels in local authority.

As life progressed I got married had children and built our own home. This took lots of time, effort and dedication but throughout I was always searching and striving for more career fulfilment.

Time moved forward and i wanted something else to challenge myself, I had always enjoyed weight training and decided to compete in a classic body building competition. The competition went well for a first attempt and it helped me recognise that I had the discipline to succeed and still maintain a healthy home life.

Moving forward i had been working closely with an old friend Mr Mark Bowering. Mark was promoting some of his PHD supplements within the organisation i was working for. I had already received lots of help via Mark with my competition prep and as we had worked together so well we decided to run a business venture together. I left my employer and we opened our own Fitness facility ‘Peak Health & Fitness’ was then born and we have grown from strength to strength over the past 6 years.

Always striving forward and looking at new ventures we began in late 2017 looking at intermittent fasting and how healthy and beneficial the lifestyle is. As we work with people every day trying to achieve weight loss and health and fitness goals we began to look at how we can accelerate the fasting process and at the same time make things a little easier for people to maintain focus.

Peak DNA launched its initial product;’Diet Collagen’ early 2019 and we have recently followed with Rich Chocolate ‘Keto-Protein’. We have combined formulas that give great tasting products while achieving effective results.

The range falls into the Ketogenic lifestyle while assisting intermittent fasting. Peak DNA  will be aiming to launch a further 3 products in 2020 all targeting health and longevity while giving the customer a great tasting indulgent product that actually accelerates and supports fat loss.

Both Mark and I are focussed and driven to making the best quality most effective and efficient products on the market, we are always available to your comments or questions through our website Blog so feel free to get in touch! Enjoy your results.