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Our founder is the award-winning creator of PhD Nutrition, the internationally recognised and world-renowned supplements company. So he knows everything about sports nutrition and how to deliver inspirational, expertly crafted supplements that taste great and deliver serious results. 

Since selling that company, Mark has set his sights on pushing the boundaries of what is possible with the next evolution of supplements.

Our Founders
Paul Crouch

Sport was always a love of mine growing up. I loved competition whether it be on the rugby field, athletic stadium or simply having a kick around with friends...

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Mark Bowering

Mark is a husband and father of two young girls, first and second a life-long learner, biohacker and avid gym goer. He’s an ex-competitive bodybuilder, and co-gym owner with Paul Crouch. Mark is also a qualified, Sports Phycologist, Sports Nutritionist, and ex-Bio Chemist...

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