Fighting plateau and lost motivation

Fighting plateau and lost motivation

I approached Paul (Co-Founder of Peak DNA) after hitting a plateau with my diet and weight loss journey. I had managed to lose over 2 stone since Christmas 2018 however I had reached a plateau and was beginning to lose motivation. I was training hard and following a strict diet regime but seeing no results.

Paul introduced me to intermittent fasting and this is where things really started to change.

I adopted a 16-8 intermittent fasting protocol and introduced supplementation through Peak DNA.

Daily routine consisted of a morning black coffee with Peak DNA Diet Collagen as a coffee creamer, this gave me a lift and along with the added MCT oils I felt more energised through the day, it also acted as a pre-workout as I aim to do my training sessions in the morning before work.

I would eat my lunch at 12 noon so that is my first meal. This would generally be a clean protein source (Chicken, Salmon) along with Avocado for some additional fats.

Mid afternoon i would have a Peak DNA Keto-Proein as a cold shake giving me extra collagen protein and again added MCT to help promote fat burning. I may add some almond nuts to this depending on how hungry I am feeling.

I tend to have my main meal around 6-7pm which again will include protein and fats and occasionally some carbs, to be honest I wasn’t even being partially strict with this meal as I wanted to fit in with family meals and not feel like I was cooking separately.

Evenings were always when I’d struggle, I would usually grab something from the fridge or the odd biscuit even when i was dieting. It’s an awkward time when you are fasting as 8pm was my cut-off point for food.

This is why Peak DNA Keto-Protein is so effective and versatile. I now make a protein hot chocolate around 8.30pm just as I am chilling out once the kids are in bed. The nature of the product simulates the fasting process in your body so even though you are sat there drinking a lovely hot chocolate the body is still burning fat and utilising the right hormones to promote more fat burning before bed time!

Results speak for themselves and I am feeling better and looking leaner than I ever thought was achievable for me. I’m now at 13% body fat, feel full of energy and have started to play competitive rugby again for the first time in 5 years.

It’s a healthy lifestyle that enables you to enjoy your food without being overly strict and along with the Peak DNA supplements it almost makes dieting easy!

Thank you Peak DNA!