Diet Collagen

Diet Collagen

Diet Collagen


Peak DNA’s Diet-Collagen is a fat-loss product, based on enhancing a Ketogenic Diet and/or a Fasting protocol.


Key Benefits:


  • Fat-loss
  • Ketosis
  • Energy
  • Intermittent Fasting
  • Collagens
  • Performance
  • MCT’s


The Diet Collagen has a perfect balance of MCT’s and Hydrolysed Multi-Collagens with an optimal amount of Vitamin C, to ensure absorption.


If you wish to keep anabolic, collagen is the protein for you. Collagen excels as a protein due to its complex peptide-chains, which are in theory a BCAA on steroids. Under the correct circumstances, it can be broken down and rebuild into a range of amino acids. Making its biological-value (BV) extremely high. Collagen is far superior to whey protein isolate, milk protein, egg protein any vegetarian protein or any single amino acids.


If you’re in a intermittent fasting or ketogenic state, then collagen is the key for keeping anti-catabolic. You can keep yourself ‘topped-up’, safely with collagen due to the minute amounts you require to keep a positive nitrogen balance.


Ketosis and mTOR (the reason why you fast) are spectrums and rarely ever completely on/off states. When the body is glucose depleted in one of these states, 52% of an amino acid ‘could’ convert to glucose. This could throw you out of any intermittent fasting or Ketosis state.


Fats is also an essential element for keeping in Ketosis or Intermittent fasting. Fatty acids enhance Ketosis and cannot affect a fasted state, especially when presented as a medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs). MCT’s are derived from coconut oil and are the king of all fats.


Do the maths:


Optimum Nutrition | Gold Standard 100% Whey - 23.5g Protein, 2.4g Carbohydrates = potential 12.9g of sugars


PhD | Diet Whey - 17g Protein, 2.8g Carbohydrates = potential 9.9g of sugars


USN | Diet Whey - 25g Protein, 17g of Carbohydrates = potential 21g of sugars


CNP | Pro Diet Whey - 33.7g Protein, 6.6g of Carbohydrates = potential 20.1g of sugars


Peak DNA | Diet-Collagen - 5.5g Protein, 0.7 of Carbohydrates = potential of just 3.1 of sugars



Why Peak DNA Nutrition?


“Part of our guarantee is explaining our ingredients, sources and the legal claims we can make”




Why multi-collagens?


  • Full-spectrum collagens for ultra-absorption
  • Supports: skin, hair & muscle-repair
  • Anti-aging benefits
  • Free-from Gluten, Sugar and Lactose


Collagen is a superior protein which most of our body is made-up of. It’s in our muscles, connective tissue, skin, gut, hair and nails. We lose this ‘glue-like’ protein as we age due to poor dietary habits.


It can be derived from bovine, marine or poultry. Each source of collagen has its own particular set of benefits due to the types of collagen found within it. Our products contain all types of collagen, for maximum benefit. Our product has the highest amount of absorption due to two key things, it’s hydrolysed and has Vitamin C. Collagen will not form in the body without Vitamin C.